Speed Photo Enforcement

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The Velocity Snap™ System (VSS) consists of a hand held (or tripod mounted) lidar equipped with a high resolution camera and mobile digital video recorder. The VSS has the ability to capture still images or video based on end-user application requirements. Captured information is geographically tagged to a latitude and lognitude point and is easily managed using the VSS back-office software suite.

Velocity Snap Intro (VIDEO)

Principle of Operation

An officer has the ability to simply “point and shoot” the laser to capture the violaters speed, distance and image. Captured information is uploaded to the back office system for processing and mailing the the violateres traffic citation.

Product Features and Benefits

1080p HD Video-Camera Glasses

camera glasses specs

Tough on looks and durability. Designed with law enforcement, outdoorsmen and other tough customers in mind, the Recon BLACK JET is just as uncompromising as you are. Equipped with a rubberized-armor frame, the 2mm polycarbonate lenses are interchangeable and come in shooting yellow, clear and gray.

Takes stunning 1080p resolution HD video, and 8-megapixels stills. Stores video and images on an internal 8-megabyte internal memory chip. Media can be transferred to a computer (Mac or PC) via USB cable interface.

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